Vol. 2, Part 2 | Law Form and the Individual Mandate of Non-Consent | Proclamation of Peace

Kenneth Scott, Office Holder of the Office of Protector and Advocate for the Ekklesia provides a comprehensive overview of the Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity issued by Sovereign Proclamation and Decree by His Majesty David Joel of the House of Weems, formerly Wemyss, from Scotland, and originally the Ancient House of David.

This is series of videos that will provide a detailed explanation on the Sanctuaries, Protections, and Immunities provided when you accept HM David Joel’s offer of Peace and Sovereign Integrity and become a Member of the D’Vida Private Society.

D’Vida Private Society is non denominational, non hierarchical, all inclusive and focused on ensuring all people live a free and abundant life pursuing their interests and dreams, while restoring all life and Mother Earth back to its original pristine state.

You will learn how throughout history, laws and banking have been used to subjugate the people and bind them into perpetual debt. You can remove yourself from this hostile system when you accept the Proclamation of Peace, by choosing Life, and Going To Peace.

You will learn how to use the lawful and binding Mandate of Non-Consent and two Sacred Writs to reclaim your Sovereign Integrity and receive Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities for yourself and your family.



Music Credit: Sea Stock Audio.
Intro Music: Driving Indie Anthem. License for use purchased from Envato.